Travel Expense Reimbursement

KOCSEA will provide travel supports only for the speakers, who have registered for the symposium ($50) and are current members of KSEA ($35). For the reimbursement, please send the request to Sooel Son ( with the email subject of [KOCSEA-Reimbursement]. The deadline for the reimbursement request is December 26th, 2014. KOCSEA will issue a check to reimburse your travel expense. In your request, please include the following information:

1. The itemized expense and the total amount to be reimbursed.
2. The address you want to receive the check.
3. Your name for the check
4. A proof of your KSEA membership: (e.g., a screenshot of the registration/renew page with your member number)
5. A scan of the receipt of your airfare and/or ground transportation. Or, if you drove your own car, screenshot of mileage from Google/Yahoo/MapQuest Maps ($0.56/mile). We do not cover any other fees (e.g., travel insurance, extra bag charge, and airport parking) other than the above stated ones.

If you are not able to provide all of the information above at the venue, please email the information to

Note: The amount of reimbursement will either be your actual expense or KOCSEA’s distance-based support limit, whichever lower. The travel support limit is determined by your one-way travel distance:
-up to $150 if 100 miles <= one-way mileage < 500 miles -up to $250 if 500 miles <= one-way mileage < 1000 miles -up to $350 if one-way mileage >= 1000 miles

If you only need to get a reimbursement for your KSEA membership fee you paid ($35) without requesting travel support, please email the proof of your valid KSEA membership status to; please include word “reimbursement” in the title of your e-mail.

Sooel Son
Finance Chair, KOCSEA 2014 Technical symposium