Friday, Dec. 16th

06:00pm-09:00pm Networking Dinner

Saturday, Dec. 17th

08:00am-08:30am Registration and Breakfast
08:30am-08:40am Opening Remarks

Yoohwan Kim (KOCSEA President)

08:40am-09:20am Keynote 1 (Plenary)
Chair: Jaehoon Kim, Boeing 

Seung Ku Hwang, Senior Vice President,  S/W & Computing Technology Research,  ETRI

09:20am-10:20am Technical Presentation 1:  Wireless
Chair: Kang-Won Lee, IBM  

Research and Practical Challenges in Developing the Next Generation Oil & Gas Exploration Wireless Sensor Network
Sung-Ju Lee, HP Labs

Revisiting mobility-induced link level dynamics: A case study for power-hungry mobile devices
Do Young Eun, North Carolina State University

Cooperative Communications in Wireless Networks: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
Sang Wu Kim, Iowa State University

10:20am-10:35am Coffee Break
10:35am-11:05am Lightning Talk Session 1
11:05am-12:05pm Technical Presentation 2: Systems
Chair: Young Choi, Regent Univ.

G*–A Parallel System for Efficiently Managing Large Graphs
Jeong-Hyon Hwang, SUNY Albany 

Processors for parallel programming
Xingzhi Wen, Marvell

Cloud networking: experiences and survey
Songkuk Kim, Yonsei University

12:05pm-12:35pm Lunch
12:35pm-01:00pm Poster Session
01:00pm-01:40pm Keynote 2 (Special Invited Talk)
Chair: Kyung-Dong Ryu, IBM

Interdisciplinary Creativity in Emerging Media Practice
Insook Choi, New York City College of Technology
01:40pm-02:40pm Technical Presentation 3: Security
Chair: Sang Hyuk Song, U of Virginia 

Popularity is Everything: A new approach to protecting passwords from statistical-guessing attacks
Stuart Schechter, Microsoft Research

Location leaks over the GSM air interface
Yongdae Kim, University of Minnesota

Social networks based Sybil defenses
Aziz Mohaisen, University of Minnesota

02:40pm-02:55pm Coffee Break & Poster Session
02:55pm-03:25pm Lightning Talk Session 2
03:25pm-04:25pm Technical Presentation 4: Bioinformatics and machine learning
Chair: Yoonsuck Choe, Texas A&M

Multi-Disciplinary Research Issues in Biological Data Mining
Dong-Guk Shin, University of Connecticut 

What does your forensic DNA profile say about your ethnicity?
Yun S. Song, University of Califormia at Berkeley

Knowledge integration: application to machine reading
Doo Soon Kim, Accenture

04:25pm-04:35pm Coffee Break
04:35pm-05:15pm Keynote 3 (Special Invited Talk)
Chair: Jane Oh, NASA JPL

Challenges and Research Directions in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems
Insup Lee, University of Pennsylvania
05:15pm-06:15pm Technical Presentation 5: Parallel and distributed computing
Chair: Taewan Ryu, California State Univ., Fullerton

Distributed Computing: Hadoop and NoSQL
Gautam Singaraju, 

Speculation to hide communication latency
Jean-Philippe Martin, Microsoft Research

Parallel Computing on Modern CPUs and GPUs
Changkyu Kim, Intel Labs

06:15pm-06:45pm Change-over & Ad hoc Breakout Discussion
06:45pm-09:30pm Banquet
- Sponsor talks

Sunday, Dec. 18th

08:30am-09:00am Registration and Breakfast
09:00am-09:50am Keynote 4 (Plenary)
Chair: Jihie Kim, USC/ISI

PUST and Science Diplomacy
Chan-Mo Park, Chancellor, Pyong Yang University of Science and Technology
09:50am-10:50am Technical Presentation 6: Networks
Chair: Byung Choi, HP

An Empirical Study of Visual Security Cues to Prevent the SSL Stripping Attack
Dongwan Shin, New Mexico Tech 

Mobile Routing in sensor networks,
Jungwoo Lee, Marvell

Designing a Socially Empowering Application to Promote the Independence of Young Adults with Autism
Hwajung Hong, Georgia Tech

10:50am-11:05am Coffee Break
11:05am-12:05pm Technical Presentation 7: Monitoring and Management
Chair: Tae Oh, Rochester Institute of Technology

Geo-Referenced Mobile Video Management
Seon Ho Kim, University of Southern California 

Monitoring Abnormal Behaviour of User Applications through Assessment of Context Entropies Extracted from RAS Logs
Byung Hoon Park, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Q-score: Proactive Service Quality Assessment in a Large IPTV System
Hanhee Song, Narus

12:05pm-12:10pm Closing Remarks
12:10pm-01:00pm Lunch
01:00pm-02:00pm KOCSEA Business Meeting
02:00pm-04:00pm Computer History Museum tour
Cloud networking: experiences and survey